Millbrook-Construction can build your dream home from the ground up. We are a custom build-on-your-lot builder. Whether you need someone to manage one stage of construction for your new home or the entire project, we can bring your vision to a reality.

We're going to work together in partnership to take your home project from conception to planning to construction to finishes.

Build on your lot

Build on your lot

Homeowner's Role

  • Decide on financing plans
  • Discuss budget
  • Obtain property (lot)
  • Choose designer & architect
  • Create & finalize home plans
  • Make materials choices
  • Finalize budget / job costs

Millbrook's Role

  • Home placement consultation
  • Provide input on home specifications
  • Assist in interior design selection
  • Obtain permits
  • Select suppliers & subcontractors
  • Order and schedule materials
  • Schedule and manage suppliers & subcontractors
  • Monitor the progress
  • Pay bills
With over twenty years of experience building new houses, trust Millbrook-Construction to build your dream home.

View pictures of a custom house we are currently building.

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